Simple Machines Are Not Necessarily Simple!

Like all great inventors, trial and error, failure and victory are what shape and mold us and ultimately help us be successful. Students at Boys Home have been learning just that this past semester with Ms. Anderson’s science class. 

Students have been studying Rube Goldberg simple machines like wheel and axles, pulleys, wedges, and inclined planes. Rube Goldberg was a cartoonist, author, and sculptor who first introduced the concept of using a series of simple machines to create a complex sequence of steps to complete a simple task. A Rube Goldberg machine (chain reaction) is a great hands-on learning experience for students.

Xavier and Noe employed an inclined plane and wheel and axle to create their project that ultimately pushed a toy car outfitted with a needle into a balloon to pop it. 

Josh’s project included the pulley, wheel and axle, and inclined plane simple machines. The ultimate goal was to push a toy car forward utilizing a golf ball at the end of the series. 

All three students realized that while exciting, imaginative, and fun, projects such as these take a significant amount of time, energy, planning, cooperation, and patience.

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