Sam Morse Celebrates Five Years at Boys Home

Originally from Michigan, Sam Morse started at Boys Home as a houseparent in the fall of 2015 after graduating from Liberty University with a master’s degree in Christian Ministries. Prior to that, he earned his undergraduate degree in Biblical Studies, also at Liberty. 

Morse said his time as a houseparent was rewarding but challenging, and that it provided him with the opportunity to really get to know “the guys.” In June 2016, he transferred to his current role as a student advisor for 11th and 12th graders.

“My job is very rewarding,” stated Morse. “I enjoy working with the older students and helping them create plans for their future.” He went on to share that as students plan and get excited about their next steps after Boys Home, whether that be attending college, entering the military, or starting their careers, he feels a similar sense of excitement as the students he works with.

The extra time Morse gets to spend hanging out, watching TV, and interacting with students helps him be more successful in his role as an advisor. “It helps me establish good relationships with these young men,” he said. “Then, when we have to navigate some of the harder aspects of life, there is already a connection.”

Morse appreciates the opportunity to watch and actively participate in the positive progress of the students that reside at Boys Home, and he acknowledges that some students need additional support and guidance. He feels a sense of accomplishment as students develop into equipped and successful men, and he acknowledges a job well done when he hears from the alumni that he and others have helped along the way.

Boys Home of Virginia, founded in 1906, provides a healthy and supportive environment for young men whose lives have been negatively impacted by poverty or family instability.  Students are provided food, clothing, shelter, and guidance in a manner that supports the successful transition to adulthood along with educational and career opportunities.  Boys Home, a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization, is almost entirely privately funded by individuals, organizations, churches, and foundations.

For more information about Boys Home, or to donate, please visit the giving page. 


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