Ricky May Gives to Boys Home of Virginia

Mr. Ricky May, a native of Covington, VA, has found an exciting way to give to Boys Home.

Mr. May is a sales consultant at Magic City Auto Group located in Covington, VA. For the second year in a row, Mr. May called Boys Home and shared the news that he would like to donate $25 for every vehicle he sold between September 1 and October 15. He sold 29 vehicles in 32 working days!

Mr. May and his wife, Ann, have supported and been connected with Boys Home for years, but he felt this would be an interesting and enticing way to give back to the community.

Boys Home is grateful for his support and that of the Alleghany Highlands community as we endeavor to give these young men a second chance at success.

Ricky May, Sales Consultant, and Lauren Hanna, Boys Home Development Department