Members of Covington First Presbyterian Church Tour Boys Home Cabin Project

individuals posing on front porch of cabin constructionCovington First Presbyterian Church representatives Rev. Susi Ennis and Barbara Hise visited Boys Home to tour a cabin created by the applied trades classes. Students who had a hand in creating the custom-built cabin were present to talk about the nearly-completed structure. The project was made possible by a grant sponsored by Covington First Presbyterian Church and funded by Presbytery of the Peaks.

Mr. Louis Sarratt, Special Projects Manager for Boys Home, came up with the idea of a modular cabin as a teaching tool to provide students with foundational skills needed to be successful as a carpenter. The grant funds were secured, and the project began this past March.

Several students have been a part of the project, from the planning, to building the decking, standing the walls, building the gussets for the truss system, and window installation. The cabin plans were also modified during the building process to accommodate more people. An additional loft area was created over the front entrance. The bunk on the lower level was expanded, and the roofline was elevated.

Rev. Ennis and Mrs. Hise visited with students to hear about the project and what the boys had learned in the process. They viewed the building and were provided with insights from Boys Home students and staff regarding the construction planning and implementation. The students were excited to show off their handiwork and explain various building methods and designs.

“We are very humbled by the investment of Covington First Presbyterian Church and the Presbytery of the Peaks,” shared Executive Director Donnie Wheatley. “Partnerships such as this open doors of life-changing opportunity for Boys Home students.”

The next step in the process will be to disassemble the cabin, transport it to its final location on the mountain, and re-assemble. When asked if the various parts were numbered for re-assembly, Boys Home student Seth shared that the building was constructed in such a way that they did not need to mark the various pieces.

According to Sarratt, the long-term vision is to use this cabin as a template for future learning opportunities for upcoming students. Sarratt and the students hope to have this initial cabin placed on the chosen site and completed by the fall.

For more information on Boys Home and how you can help, please contact the Development Office at (540) 965-7700.

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