Lynda Specht Celebrates 25 Year Work Anniversary at Boys Home

Boys Home staff and students are excited to announce Lynda Specht’s twenty-five-year work anniversary. She serves as a full-time medical coordinator. Originally from Scottsbluff, Nebraska, Lynda found herself in Covington, Virginia, after her husband was relocated for work. When Lynda first arrived at Boys Home she served as an admissions coordinator. Her connection to the organization was through the late Mary Wheatley (married to former Executive Director Donnie Wheatley), who was a true champion of Boys Home. Lynda first met Mary through Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Covington. Prior to Boys Home, Lynda served as a part-time secretary at Emmanuel. She states, “I was so inspired by Mary’s commitment to her faith. When we first met, I felt like I had room to grow. Mary had astounding grace, showed complete kindness and became my mentor in my faith journey and at Boys Home.”

Lynda was asked about her key takeaways during her twenty-five-years. She states, “God knew I needed to come to Boys Home. My connection to Mary helped me grow tremendously in my faith. My time at Boys Home has been fulfilling. I have so much empathy for the families and students we serve. I witnessed firsthand the difficulty in the transition of first arriving at Boys Home for guardians and students. In order to stay here for a long period of time, you have to have your heart in the mission. I get excited watching students positively progress and succeed in the program.” Lynda exhibits a key value of Boys Home, a Godly life, by exhibiting compassion, kindness and serving others. Congratulations, Lynda, on this milestone in your career!

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