Linda Gordon, A Valued Volunteer at Boys Home of Virginia

For those at Boys Home, the time has come to say goodbye to Mrs. Linda Gordon as she begins a new
chapter of her life. She began her employment with Boys Home as a houseparent just less than five
years ago. The seasoned parent, grandparent, and nurse had this to say about the experience: “There
were highs and lows, and all of it was a learning experience! I found out that I didn’t have all the
answers. I just didn’t have all the answers for these boys.” What did she do then? “I asked for help,” she
admits, going on to say how Mr. Brian Jefferson, campus life manager, and the other houseparents
rallied to assist her when needs arose.

After some time passed, Mrs. Gordon felt that she should step down from that responsibility due to
health problems. She did, but transitioned to a position as a volunteer instead. In that capacity, she was
likely just as busy! As a volunteer, she assisted the part-time chaplain with discipleship classes. On
Thursdays, students knew that she would be available for prayer if they wanted to participate. One
semester, she headed up a Bible study that met Mondays through Fridays, and about 6 students
participated. She designed cooking classes to teach the boys beginning cooking skills. Occasionally, she
would invite a student over to her apartment for a homecooked meal and have them bring a friend or
two. About those meals she says, “That was a little party, and it was a lot of fun.”

Mrs. Gordon also worked to keep the clothing closet organized. She recruited a student to help her, and
together, they worked side by side to keep that area up to date. As new students arrived, she made
certain that their clothes were washed, dried, folded, and ready to wear as they began their stay at Boys

Most appreciated was the personal time she spent getting to know the residents and encouraging them.
One of Boys Home’s recent graduates makes sure he calls her every week just to check in and enjoy a
brief chat.

When asked about her most precious memory at Boys Home, Mrs. Gordon doesn’t hesitate to answer.
“Sunday School,” she says emphatically. When COVID-19 caused Boys Home to restrict travel and
outside activities, Mrs. Gordan began a Sunday School class that continued until her departure. What
was the best part about Sunday School? “Sharing Jesus with them,” Mrs. Gordon answers with a smile.

Due to her health, Mrs. Gordon decided that it was time for her to leave Boys Home in August 2021.
She looks forward to being closer to her family in Buchanan, walking the dog with her grandson, and
beginning a Bible study with some ladies in that area. For those of us at Boys Home, we’re a bit like
Winnie the Pooh when he said, “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”
We’ll miss you, Mrs. Gordon. May God bless you as you settle into your new home.

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