Leigh Brown Finds Fulfillment at Boys Home

Leigh Brown started as a student advisor at Boys Home just over five years ago with more than 13 years of prior experience in foster care and social work. She received her sociology undergraduate degree with a minor in psychology from Radford University. After that, she continued at Radford to earn her master’s degree in social work.

Brown has had a passion for child welfare from very early on. That passion was a big motivator in deciding to work at Boys Home, especially after her husband Josh, Boys Home’s landscape manager, started sharing his experiences working with the students. Josh started at Boys Home four months prior to Leigh, and he encouraged her to apply for the student advisor position – a position she still holds.

When speaking of the benefits of working at Boys Home, Brown states, “I really enjoy being immersed with the students. It’s the main reason I decided to come to work here,” she says. “Having more face-to-face interaction with the students than at previous jobs is wonderful. I have the opportunity to have a greater impact on their lives and experience a greater sense of personal fulfillment.”

Brown also says that she appreciates the cultural diversity at Boys Home. Students can come from all over the world – young men who have immigrated to the United States or recent adoptees from countries like Ethiopia and Ghana. Brown acknowledges the benefits and challenges that come from such diversity. “Knowledge of different cultures is fantastic, while euphemisms in the English language can present communication barriers and take students by surprise.” It’s something that she is aware of as she works with her students.

She adds that she has enjoyed the last five years at Boys Home. “Getting to know the students and working with individuals who have such varied backgrounds is great,” she stated.

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Mr. Whitmer presenting service certificate to Leigh Brown

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