Jon’s story

Meet Jon.*

Jon came to Boys Home in 2014 from the Washington D.C. area. He was getting in trouble at home. He was spending time with friends that weren’t good influences. He was involved in things that were detrimental to his safety and the safety of those around him and he wound up in jail.

Jon’s mom was worried about him and the choices he was making. She was seeing his friends get hurt and mess up their lives and she didn’t want that for Jon. So she brought him to Boys Home.

Ever since Jon arrived at Boys Home, he’s been quick to tell people that he sees Boys Home as a second chance. He sees Boys Home as an opportunity to change his life and make better decisions. We’ve seen him guide other boys in a better direction and set an example for his peers by not letting things hinder his progress. Jon notices the change when he goes home too. He said he’s more helpful around the house and would rather spend time with his family and not with his friends that were getting him in trouble.

Jon’s grades have greatly improved since he’s been here and he has new hope about his future. He is a member of the Key Club and a writer for the Boys Home Gazette. He has played on the Hilltoppers Varsity Basketball team for the last 2 years. He has a job and is working to move to the Experiential Living Apartment (a cottage for seniors giving them more responsibility and exposure to independent living). He will graduate on time and wants to go to college next year.

Jon is a success story because Joe recognized the opportunity Boys Home presented him and took advantage of it. Jon has sought out role models and become a role model here. He’s learned to take advice and learned to meet and exceed expectations. We’re excited to see what the future holds for Jon and thankful for donors like you making it possible for Jon to be here at Boys Home.

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*Name changed for privacy purposes.

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