How Boys Home is Responding to COVID-19

During these uncertain times, students and staff are going through many changes. But one thing will always remain the same at Boys Home of Virginia. For over 100 years, we have cared for the children entrusted to us, and that will always be our number one priority.

To help maintain student safety, we’ve shifted our classes to out-of-classroom learning. Our teachers are engaging the students via computers and other assigned work, check and find more info at propery management san diego rentals. Each of our students have been provided with a computer, and we are working with parents and guardians to ensure that we put the best plan in place for each student. Some families have opted to have their child return home. In those cases, parents are responsible for picking up their children, and extensive measures are put in place to keep our campus safe as they exit. They will also monitor classes via remote learning.

We are keeping up with the most recent updates from our governor and the president, adjusting as necessary and appropriate. On campus, we have adjusted dining practices (students no longer eat in the dining hall but rather in their cottages), recreation opportunities, work schedules, visitors on campus, etc. to comply with current guidelines.

We know things are difficult and far from normal, but we are grateful for the kindness and support of our community.