Dennis Calhoun Receives Fifteen Year Recognition

Congratulations to Case Manager Dennis Calhoun of Boys Home of Virginia. Dennis was recently awarded a certificate for 15 years of service to Boys Home.

Originally from Duncannon, Pennsylvania, Dennis graduated from Appalachian Bible College in Beckley, West Virginia. Dennis also holds a M. A. in Religion from Liberty University.

As a father of a son who is 14 and a daughter who is 13, Mr. Calhoun is literally surrounded by teens most of the time. He enjoys fishing and going on trips with Boys Home students. Currently, he teaches a Bible survey class on campus. He says the class gives him “an opportunity to teach something I enjoy to kids whose volume of knowledge is very limited in that subject. A lot of what they are getting is very fresh to them.” This gives him the opportunity to introduce new ideas and concepts to the students, which he finds very gratifying.

Mr. Calhoun especially enjoys working with youth ages 14-16. One of the challenges of working with that age group is their tendency to look for short-term rewards rather than embracing longer-term goals. Those who comply with Boys Home expectations gain opportunities to go on special trips and participate in more activities. Mr. Calhoun recalls trips to the Pentagon and to Florida as experiences he has shared with residents that were especially enjoyable. As a case manager, he also notices if there are residents who seem less involved and makes an effort to spend time with them through recreational activities or working alongside them in community service projects.

Thanks to Mr. Calhoun for his dedication to the students at Boys Home of Virginia.

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