Boys Home Welcomes Staff Member Tom Dixon

Boys Home of Virginia is excited to welcome Tom Dixon as a houseparent and writing instructor. Originally from Chatham, Virginia, Tom has enjoyed his new life in Covington. After earning an undergraduate degree in English from Longwood University, Tom worked as a news reporter for a short period of time at the Star Tribune. Following that position, he became a youth minister at an Episcopal church in Farmville, Virginia. Tom stated, “Since starting at Boys Home, I feel like I’m back to my roots. I like the established schedule for students. I had a similar schedule when I attended Episcopal High School in northern Virginia.”

Tom was asked about his biggest takeaways from both positions. He stated, “As a houseparent, I have learned when to use certain rules and the importance of meeting the students where they are when they first arrive at Boys Home. I find it very rewarding to see them progress through the intake and evaluation program and succeed on ‘the hill.’ I have thoroughly enjoyed being on the teaching side of English. I see students have those connections moments and it gets me excited. I also stress the importance of effective writing skills that can be used throughout life.” During his time off Tom enjoys taking a walk in nature, seeing a movie, trivia night and trying great restaurants in the surrounding areas. At the conclusion of the interview, Tom stated, “I am happy about the opportunity. As I help these students develop, I find that I am growing and learning as well. I hope to be a positive role model and impact the students to positively impact those around them.”

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