Boys Home Welcomes New Staff Members Patty Anderson, Jason Bush, and Jacy Burdette

Boys Home of Virginia is excited to welcome Patty Anderson to the teaching staff. Patty graduated from the College of William and Mary with a Bachelor of Education degree. After college, she taught in York County for 10 years. Patty then transferred to Alleghany County where she taught for 22 more years. Boys Home principal Teresa Johnson recently asked Patty if she would be interested in tutoring some of the students. Patty agreed and quickly fell in love with the students at Boys Home. She says she feels this is her calling, and she finds it is very rewarding. Patty says her favorite thing about Boys Home so far is that she believes she can truly teach the students and take her time in doing so. If they don’t understand something, she can stop and help. Patty hopes to make a difference in the students’ lives by helping them learn and encouraging them to feel good about themselves while they learn!


Another addition to the Boys Home staff this year is Jason Bush. Jason has a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Colorado. After college, Jason worked for a structural engineering firm, but he recently decided to change his career path. This summer, on a mission trip to Uganda with Galilee Episcopal Church in Virginia Beach, Jason met three Boys Home students and two staff members. They told him about Boys Home and he was quickly intrigued. After the trip, he visited Boys Home and was soon eager to begin work on campus. Jason is currently working as a houseparent and soccer coach. He says his favorite thing about Boys Home is the sense of community. Jason looks forward to seeing the students grow in character and become men of faith.  


Lastly, Boys Home is thankful for new staff member Jacy Burdette. Jacy recently graduated from UVA Wise with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and a concentration in directing. Jacy has been hired to teach language arts, theatre, and drivers’ education. She says she truly feels that Boys Home is where she should be. Jacy grew up in Alleghany County, and she remembers visiting the Boys Home campus to attend YMCA programs and to participate in the Boys Home fishing days. So far, Jacy’s favorite aspects of working at Boys Home are witnessing the potential of each student and being able to offer them a chance to try something new. Jacy feels she can really make a great impact at Boys Home and she looks forward to planting seeds and seeing the wonderful outcomes.