Boys Home Welcomes New Houseparent Terry Messerich

Boys Home of Virginia is pleased to announce that Terry Messerich has joined the staff as a houseparent. She has spent time in New York and California but has lived in Virginia for the last 25 years. Terry began working with youth through the Alleghany and Rockbridge County School Systems as a substitute teacher and a teaching assistant. It was during her time at Alleghany that she first encountered Boys Home students.

“No matter the behavioral challenges a child is experiencing, they still need love,” Terry said when asked the main lesson she has taken away as a houseparent. She commented that it is important to adjust to the personalities and needs of each student and to recognize when they do well. Terry also said that she works to encourage students to “figure out what they want to do next,” not necessarily stress themselves with thinking too far ahead for their plans. In the future, she looks forward to seeing where students go in life and helping each of them discover themselves. Boys Home is proud to have staff like Terry who meets students where they are and always encourages them to be their authentic selves.

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