Boys Home Welcomes New Houseparent Ash Falireas

Boys Home staff and students are pleased to welcome Ash Falireas as a houseparent. Ash’s hometown is Louisville, Kentucky. Currently, he is enrolled at the University of Kentucky and is completing his degree online with a major in business finance and a minor in biology. Ash has a passion for photography and has helped with pictures at All Saints Episcopal Camp for the past thirteen years. He was first introduced to Boys Home through Executive Director Doyle and fellow houseparent Carter Ramsay. 

In addition to his duties as a houseparent, Ash served as the head coach for the 2022-2023 season of junior varsity basketball. He stated, “I am proud of how well the students played as a team. As the season progressed, each player played better basketball. The season was not about wins or losses for me. I simply wanted them to enjoy the game.” When asked about the lessons he has learned as a houseparent, Ash had an interesting response. “I have had to learn when to react and when to let small items go with the students. In addition, I have learned the value of time management.” On his days off Ash enjoys finding great food spots, gaming and traveling to nearby cities to explore. Ash helps to create a supportive environment for each student he encounters, helping them to develop into young men who positively impact those around them and the local community.

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