Boys Home Welcomes New Houseparent April Aldrich


Boys Home of Virginia is pleased to welcome April Aldrich as a houseparent. She has spent the last seven years living in Covington, Virginia, but lived in New Jersey prior to her move. Before joining the staff this past August, April worked in healthcare for 15 years. It was during this time that she first worked with youth, serving as a CNA in a psychiatric facility. The opportunity at Boys Home has allowed her to utilize skills that she learned during that time while also making a positive impact on youth.

When asked about her Boys Home experience thus far, April stated, “I appreciate the religious aspect the most. It gives students and me guidance.” She is also thankful to have learned more patience while working in the Wheatley Center, which serves newly-admitted students. She looks forward to helping more students learn and grow as they start their journey at Boys Home. Boys Home is thankful to welcome April as part of the mission-driven staff who are eager to serve as strong role models for the students.

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