Boys Home Welcomes Alumnus Derrick Cash


Boys Home was excited to welcome alumnus Derrick Cash back to campus. He offered an incredible testimony of redemption to current students and staff. In the early 2000s, Derrick enrolled and then departed from the Boys Home program three times. Although he was unable to succeed while at Boys Home, a seed was planted. After several years of difficulties, he reached a turning point and committed his life to Christ. During his testimony, Derrick stated, “I am not a speaker, pastor or a counselor. I am you. I sat in that very same seat. Be open to the Boys Home program. Everyone is here to help you. You can choose the harder path or listen to what I’m saying now. The choice is yours. Put your faith first. Christ will take you where you are now. He is not asking for a cleaned-up version.”    

Derrick’s visit was prompted by a social media post by Donnie Costigan, Boys Home’s director of athletics and recreation who was requesting new bikes for the current students. After seeing the post, Derrick sprung into action. He stated, “My philosophy is go big or go home.” He raised $10,000 and purchased bikes, hygiene products, athletic equipment, school supplies, tools, an Amazon Fire TV, laptops and more for Boys Home. He received support from his wife Heather, children Bryson and Josie, Terry Martin from the Buena Vista Sheriff’s Office, the Rockbridge community and residents in Rockingham County! Derrick said, “All of the items in the gym are waiting for you. Enjoy! What happened is a gift from God. I am merely the vessel. God can, God does and God will.”

Derrick currently lives in Broadway, Virginia. He is married to Heather Cash and has three children. Boys Home is grateful for Derrick sharing his story and for the generous donations. The vision at Boys Home is simple: create a community that inspires young men to positively impact those around them. Derrick Cash has a wonderful testimony that embodies the Boys Home vision.