Boys Home Student Mulu Slawta Completes College Orientation Workshop

Boys Home is proud of recent College Orientation Workshop (COW) graduate Mulu Slawta. COW is a four-week educational enrichment program at Virginia Military Institute. The goal is to successfully prepare rising upperclassmen for life after high school graduation. Mulu describes himself as an introvert and was initially hesitant about participating. The four weeks challenged him physically, mentally and emotionally. At the conclusion, he was pleased with his decision to participate and graduate.

In the program, each day begins with a wake-up call at 5:00 a.m. The students spend part of the day in the classroom learning about SAT preparation, financial literacy, public speaking, the paths available after graduation and more. Their public speaking skills are tested weekly during the program. After the educational portion was complete, students were tasked with a variety of physical challenges. The program had the theme of a growth mindset. Mulu initially struggled with endurance while completing a maximum number of push-ups in 1.5 minutes. The program had a motto, “I can’t yet. Keep pushing and you can do anything you put your mind to.” At the beginning of the program, Mulu could complete ten push-ups in the allotted time. By the end, he completed thirty. 

After returning to Boys Home, Mulu has been challenged to use his new leadership skills on campus. Mulu spoke about COW at the opening school convocation to all current students and staff. In the upcoming school year, he will participate in student council and Key Club. Mulu stated, “The program changed me for the better. I have a ‘you- versus-you’ mentality now. I can do what any man can do. I am more confident, open-minded, physically stronger and know myself better. I want to lead by example on campus.”  

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