Boys Home Spring Cowabunga Fundraiser was a Big Splash!

Boys Home students drop the cows into the creek.

Mrs. Caroline English with her winning cow and sash!


Holy cow! Boys Home of Virginia hosted it’s spring Cowabunga fundraiser on Thursday, April 28 at 2:00 p.m. This event was similar to a duck derby but with small foam cows. Participants  purchased a total of 818 cows to be released from the Boys Home bridge into Dunlap Creek.  This event wrapped up the annual Open House and all visitors cheered with the students and  staff as the cows rushed down the creek to the finish line. In a quick run of 2 minutes and 24  seconds, the winning cow #172 crossed the finish line! 

Mrs. Caroline English of Greenville, South Carolina, was the winner of the $1,000 prize. She is a  cow enthusiast and was very excited to be the winner. She generously chose to donate the  prize moolah back to Boys Home. Mrs. English was unable to be present for the event but was sent the winning cow as a souvenir. 

This was a fun, unique event and Boys Home is thankful to everyone for their participation and  support. If you have any questions about Boys Home of Virginia, call Melinda at 540-965-7707  or visit

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