Boys Home Honors Ingevity

At the Boys Home basketball game on December 3rd, Boys Home honored Ingevity for their generous partnership with Boys Home over the past several years. Their contributions have ranged from conducting mock job interviews, to making possible the Ingevity Student Center in the lobby of the gym, hosting back-to-school picnics, playing GaGa, and most recently, providing funding to renovate the gym floor. In recent years, the gym floor had begun to buckle and develop soft spots in several places, presenting a tripping hazard for those using it. After its renovation, the floor is safer to play on, and the lightly finished maple flooring makes the whole gymnasium lighter and brighter.

Leading up to the game, Athletics Director Bobby Trice spoke about how Ingevity has not only provided financial support, but employees have taken the time to get to know and care for the students at Boys Home. Mr. Trice spoke for the whole Boys Home community when he said, “Ingevity is not only a supporter of Boys Home, they’re family.”

A group of Ingevity employees then stayed to watch the game, which was a close competition between Boys Home and Bath County, ending with a 32-35 loss for Boys Home. Regardless of the score, Boys Home students, staff, and supporters are proud of the Boys Home basketball team for a game well-played, and all continue to be thankful for a beautifully renovated facility to play in.