Boys Home Hires Colleen Urffer

Boys Home of Virginia has hired Colleen Urffer in the Development Office.
Colleen grew up in Massachusetts, but spent several years working as a seasonal wildland firefighter in various parts of the country. More recently, she worked for Habitat for Humanity in Woodland Park, CO, where her husband worked as a wildland firefighter. This winter, the couple relocated to the Alleghany Highlands.

Colleen has a bachelor’s degree in International Relations at Boston University. She received her master’s degree at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, in Public Administration, and earned a graduate certificate in Nonprofit Management.

Colleen first learned of Boys Home after moving to Lewisburg, West Virginia, a few months ago. She states, “I was looking for a job on the internet when I stumbled across Boys Home. The job seemed like a good fit with my experience, but I quickly learned that Boys Home is much more than just a job. Everyone has been so kind and welcoming. I enjoy being on the campus with the students and staff. Boys Home is just a cheerful place,” says Colleen with a smile. Colleen primarily will be involved with spearheading special events at Boys Home.

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