Boys Home Celebrates 1st Semester Honor Roll for 2021-2022 School Year

A Honor Roll Students | Lynn Bell, Christopher Harris and Rylee Callis (left to right)

Boys Home of Virginia is excited to announce the students who achieved A and A/B honor roll for the first semester of the school year. Christopher Harris graduated in December 2021. Lynn and Rylee were asked what contributed to their 4.0 for the first semester. Rylee replied, “I studied hard, maintained a good mindset and focused on what was important.” Lynn responded by stating, “I studied, paid attention in class and completed my work on time.” The same students were asked what advice they would give to others who desire to achieve the A honor roll. Rylee suggested, “Surround yourself with like-minded people who will work as hard as you. Study hard and do your best.” Lynn added, “Rather than focusing on outside distractions, focus on your work. Pay attention in class and study.” 

A/B honor roll students Kenny Blackwell, Dudi Awol, Zamirr Bryant, Akon Deng, Joshua Eng, Daniel Gambel, Tim Kengni, Bereket Morris, Ephy Morris, Cody Payne, Jareem Reid, Sage Custalow and Nick Rodgers

Boys Home is very proud of all the honor roll students. Congratulations! 

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