Aaron Smith Celebrates 10 Year Work Anniversary at Boys Home

Boys Home staff and students are excited to announce Aaron Smith’s ten-year work anniversary. Since July 2022, he has served as campus life manager. Prior to his current position, Aaron served as a houseparent. He was awarded Houseparent of the Year in 2021. Originally from Bronx, New York, Aaron had an interesting path which eventually led him to Boys Home. He attended high school in Lawnside, New Jersey, and lived with his grandmother Marilyn. The move to New Jersey was prompted by Aaron’s mother and grandmother who knew he needed a safer environment. Aaron stated, “My grandmother has been a big influence in my life. She would tell me, ‘Be careful of the people you spend time around and always look out for yourself.’ She always offers great advice.” At twenty-five Aaron and his grandmother saw his path needed to change again and she urged him to move to the mountains of Covington, Virginia. 

After moving to Covington, Aaron became focused on finding a career. That focus led him to Boys Home in 2012. Aaron stated, “I truly believe it was God’s plan to bring me here. As I have worked to change lives, Boys Home changed me for the better. I see myself in so many of the students here. I was raised by a single mom in an area with a great deal of violence, which led me to move in with my grandmother. Although it was a better environment, I did not always make the right decisions. I can now share that experience with the students I mentor and prevent them from making those same mistakes.”

Aaron is a true advocate for the Boys Home mission in the local community and beyond. He lives the vision of a community that inspires young men to positively impact those around them. Congratulations, Aaron!  

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