A Hug, or a Kick in the Pants?

Danny Cale, resident 1974 – 1980

Danny Cale is originally from Baltimore, but his mother moved the family to Covington after his father’s death. At that time, Danny was 14 years old. Upon his mother’s death when he was 16, Danny came to live at Boys Home. 

As an eighth-grade student, Danny was unable to write his name or read. For two summers, he attended Summer Literacy Program at the McGuffey Reading Center in Charlottesville. The center is and continues to be the oldest university-based reading center in the country. Danny, who had previously found reasons to not attend school, was now ready to change that trajectory. He became an honor roll student and earned academic awards while at Boys Home.

After a successful career with several companies, Danny decided to return to Boys Home. In his time here, he has been a house parent, support services coordinator, team leader, and maintenance worker. He is currently the maintenance supervisor and an instructor for the Applied Trades home wiring class. Although he won’t admit to being “anything special,” Danny is a great teacher, mentor, and friend to many students. From his unexpected talents (Danny is a talented chess player and also ranked 13th in the world at Call of Duty: Ghosts), to his knowledge of wiring and home repair, to his down-to-earth honesty, it’s no wonder the boys look up to him.

In talking about the Boys Home student population, Danny is insistent that “our kids are like any other kids.” Like any other kids, Boys Home students need love, support, and guidance. And, sometimes, they need some tough love! Danny dishes out both, saying, “I know when a kid needs a hug, and I know when a kid needs a kick in the pants. I do both of those things with love in my heart.”

Danny Cale receives a certificate of recognition for 15 consecutive years of service at Boys Home.
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