Spiritual Life

Establishing a Solid Foundation

No life is complete without a spiritual component. Addressing the spirit is a cornerstone of the Boys Home mission, alongside developing mental, physical, and social potential. While Boys Home is an outreach of the Episcopal Church, we encourage students of all religions to explore and embrace their spiritual side as part of growing into a mature, balanced life.

Many young men arrive on campus having faced challenges such as poverty, school failure, or an unstable home life. Consequently, they often have questions, fears, and reservations. Our on-campus chapel and chaplains provide residents with the time and space to develop a unique understanding of their relationship with God.

                                                                       student with sign "exit to serve"                               

Exit to Serve

By modeling ethical, caring behavior with a spiritual mission, we offer young men the chance to gain wisdom from a spiritual foundation. This also motivates them to display servant leadership by offering a helping hand in the local community and beyond.