Spiritual Life

Embracing and supporting the spirit

No life is complete without a spiritual component, so addressing the spirit remains one of the cornerstones that define the Boys Home mission, along with mental, physical and social potential.

As an outreach of the Episcopal Church, we encourage students of all religions to uncover and embrace that part of themselves as a step in growing toward a mature, balanced life.

When boys come to “The Hill,” they’ve often faced challenges like poverty, failure in school or an unstable home life. Given that, many have questions, fears and reservations. With our on-campus chapel and Chaplain, boys have time to develop a unique understanding of their relationship with God.

By showing young men a life model of ethical, caring people with a spiritual mission, we offer them the chance to gain the wisdom that flows from a spiritual foundation.

The Bishop Jett Fund

This fund was named in honor of the first Bishop of the Diocese of Southwestern Virginia, who served on the Boys Home Board of Trustees, and it helps to support the expenses of our Religious Life Program. Donations are used for maintenance and upkeep for All Saints’ Chapel on our campus. The fund also supports worship resources, religious education materials, church camps and conferences,  youth group activities and our chaplain’s position.

Visitors to Boys Home see the beautiful live oak artwork in the lobby of the administration building. This “Tree of Life” is a special way to recognize the generous donors who support the Bishop Jett Fund and continue the legacy of spirituality that is so important here.

To learn more about the fund, or to make a donation, please call (540) 965-7715.

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