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WSLS Channel 10 features Boys Home

Houseparents Ronnie and Linda Angle route on the boys at a Clifton Middle School football game.

Houseparents Ronnie and Linda Angle cheer on boys at a Clifton Middle School football game.

Roanoke’s WSLS Channel 10 featured Boys Home in a story about houseparents Ronnie and Linda Angle. Houseparents live with the boys on campus when they’re working and work 4 day shifts. They run each cottage as a household and take care of everything from waking the boys up in the morning to completing daily paperwork for each boy.

Ronnie and Linda Angle have been with us as houseparents for 5 years at Boys Home. As a married couple, they work in separate cottages during their shifts and live on campus when they’re off shift. They’ve impacted many lives during their 5 years here at Boys Home.

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Boys Appeal- Winter 2016

The Winter 2016 Boys Appeal Newsletter can be viewed here

The Boys Appeal is a newsletter to supporters, parents, alumni, and friends with updates about what’s going on at Boys Home. Boys Home publishes the Boys Appeal 3 times a year.



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Sequoia belize mission trip group photo

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Sequoia’s Mission Trip to Belize

Photo courtesy of St. John's Episcopal Church in Lynchburg, VA.

Photo courtesy of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Lynchburg, VA.

In the summer of 2015, Boys Home resident Sequoia went on a mission trip to Belize with St. John’s and St. Paul’s Episcopal Churches of Lynchburg, VA. The group tracked their travels on Facebook- CLICK HERE to see photos and videos of their trip. Sequoia tells about the mission trip below.  Enjoy!

Sometime in the middle of spring (2015) on a random day, Mr. Wheatley walks up to me and asks me,” Sequoia what do you think of Belize?” I told him, “What about it?” He answered,” Want to go there?” I replied, “Yes sir, I would love to go but where is it? And what would I be doing there?” He told me, “It’s right under Mexico, and you would be doing mission work down there.” “Wow!!!” I couldn’t believe I was going out of country to a place I’d never been. I was excited about it. The only thing that was the slightest issue was getting my passport so I could go. It took a while but eventually we got all in order and sure enough I was in Charlotte North Carolina with all my bags of stuff next to the crowd of strangers I would be departing with. It was really funny when I went to all the trip planning meetings I didn’t know anyone, they kind of ignored me and I did the same to them. They didn’t talk to me, I didn’t talk to them it was awkward if anything everyone else knew each other and all went to the same High School in Lynchburg.

Boys Home is a St. Nicholas Day Appeal Recipient!

unnamed-e1449759278816We are excited to announce that we were chosen as one of two recipients for this year’s St. Nicholas Day Appeal. Awarded annually by the Diocese of Southwestern Virginia, this grant supports the mission and ministry of the Church and is entirely funded by donations from members of the Diocese.

The grant we received this year provided furnishings for our newly renovated Darling Cottage, which houses eight of our older boys and their two houseparents. The other recipient was a lunch program founded and hosted by Trinity Episcopal Church in Staunton.

Pictured below is some of the furniture purchased with the grant. We are very thankful to everyone who supported the St. Nicholas Day Appeal and very thankful to the Dioceses for blessing us as a recipient.

IMG_0139      IMG_0141