building successful men since 1906

It’s been many decades since Boys Home was founded, but many of the reasons why it was founded remain.  Boys Home provides care for young men in a healthy, supportive environment. We offer them a life-changing experience … caring adult supervision, driven by our sense responsibility, and a fresh chance to mold their character.

We show them how to respect themselves and others and uncover their spiritual sides.  We give them the education they need, and lead them to become well-rounded men.  We’re not an orphanage, or just a school.  We provide food, clothing, shelter and guidance … almost entirely privately financed by individuals and churches.

A total community of support

Our entire environment is focused on this mission.  Our 1400-acre campus has a school where boys can catch up academically before entering public schools.  We have a vocational/technical center to help them develop work skills.  Our chapel supports them spiritually, and recreational facilities build them physically and socially.  Our location in the beautiful Alleghany Highlands allows them to explore themselves, as they explore and enjoy the hills, swimming holes and woodlands.  Each of these experiences gives a boy a better chance to become a successful man.

Our mission

To help each resident strive toward becoming a productive member of society, by developing his potential – spiritually, mentally, physically and socially.